Back Pain

An estimated 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain.
Don’t let it keep you from living your fulfilled life

Potential Causes of Back Pain

Through careful and thorough examination, our team of medical providers craft a customized treatment plan that is right for each patient. It is because of our highly individualized multimodal approach to pain management, that our patients receive the best care and success rates available.

In this section, we have identified some of the more common spinal conditions that we treat. This is not a complete listing so if you suffer from a condition not listed, contact our office and ask if there is something we can do to help you.

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Arthritis of the Spine

Generally speaking, arthritis of the spine occurs in the facet joints, or vertebral joints, due to the pressure they withstand. Facet joints are responsible for the movement of the spine, such as bending, twisting, and stretching. Because of this wear and tear, these spinal joints are more inclined to develop arthritis. With age, these joints often harden or grow thicker, which can lead to arthritis of the spine.


Sacroiliitis is any inflammation of the sacroiliac joint. The sacroiliac joint is formed by the union of the sacrum (lower spine) and the ilium (part of the hip bone). Most people presenting with sacroiliitis complain of pain in the buttock or lower spine. This pain is usually worse with standing, walking, and the transition from sitting to standing.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease describes the problems associated with the natural and common degeneration of a disc in the spine. Some terms you may be familiar with are disc bulge, slipped disc, and herniated disc; all common conditions of the spine. A disc is a soft, rubber band- like material sandwiched between the bones of the spine; it is a shock absorber, a ligament, and a spacer to allow room for your nerves. The disc is a very important structure, but unfortunately, it degenerates with age leading to degenerative disc disease.


Due to a compressed nerve, radiculopathy is a condition of the spine that can cause pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling along the nerve. Radiculopathy is most common in the low back and the neck, known as lumbar or cervical radiculopathy, but can occur at any level of the spine.




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